Family Tree

Family Tree Chart Ver. 2 Once the window opens, you will be able to move forward and backward through the charts by clicking the links on the right and left side of the data. I have more data to list and plan to make every attempt to get it all online. Currently I am only focusing on my main blood line.




Surnames Included:



Aborn Annabel Barker Barnes Bartlett Baxter Boyd Bumbarger Carey Conant Cooke Dennis Duncalf Foster Frende Garrard Goodenow Hawke Howard Hyland Jackson Johnston Jones Kingman Lincoln Locke Macye McMorris Mitchell Munroe Packard Perkins Pope Pursell Randall Sparling Stetson Steward Stone Strawn Suiter Thompkins Tierney Turner Treadway Whinchester Whittaker Wilkinson Williams York